We are committing to taking ten minutes every day and spending it with Christ. He is always speaking but we’re not always listening. We want to listen. We need to hear from Him! Below is a simple and easy format for you to follow. Don’t just blow through this time. Let it settle in on you and shape your day.

How to Spend 10 Minutes With God

Find a place where you won’t be disturbed – this is your “sanctuary” – come with an expectant heart – You are meeting with the Creator of everything.

Take the first 2 minutes to prepare your heart & mind for this encounter with God. Relax. Think about who God really is. Clear your head of any distractions or stuff that’s weighing on your conscience. Confess sin.

Then take 5 minutes for reading the Bible. Remember, this is God actually speaking. Take some time to pause, to listen – what does God want you to hear from him??? Think how you can apply the verses to your thoughts and actions today.

Now you have 3 minutes left to speak to God in prayer. Let this be spontaneous. Unburden some things, pray for the people in your life, thank him for what you learned, praise him, share your innermost thoughts with him.

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