We want you to know how genuinely excited we are that you’re interested in following Jesus. 
It’s hands down the most significant decision you’ll ever make!

So now the obvious question is, “Where do I go from here?” We really want to help you with that. First, go to Teachings (Salvation - How to know God).

In choosing to follow Jesus you’ve now entered into the most amazing relationship you’ll ever experience- a relationship with the Divine- a relationship with the God Who not only purposefully created you but Who loves you passionately and wants to give you a life that matters! He wants you to walk through everyday with Him and to experience both His presence and His activity on your behalf. His desire is for you to grow closer and deeper with Him. He wants to lead your life (He authored life- He knows how it works best)- to guide you in truth so that you won’t be duped into making choices that are deceptive and destructive. His love for you is real. 

And, just as in any relationship, in order for it to grow and develop you’ve got to spend time together. That’s how it is with your new relationship with Jesus. He wants you to spend meaningful time together each day so that you’ll be able to experience first-hand what following Him is all about. So Click Here for Teachings (Devotion). to get started.

Go to the Resources page. There are lots of great resources and other links there for you.

Bottom-line, we really are excited for you, and truly want you to experience how amazing it is to follow Jesus. Does life get unbelievably easy? No. Life is tough whether you are a Christ-follower or not. But when you have Jesus in your life you’ve got someone who walks knee-deep through it all with you, encouraging you, helping you, loving you - someone who promises to never walk away from you…no matter what. That’s someone worth following, worth connecting to. And when your life is all over here, your eternity – in a place so incredible that Jesus called it “Paradise”- is just getting started. Pretty cool...