The Difference #4

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Discussion Instructions for “The Difference” – Feb. 9, 2016

  1. Have each group member share how their week went with The Ten and other goals they may have written in The Difference booklet last week.

  2. Together read through Difference #4, pages 28-30.

  3. On page 30 under “Where To Start” you can either have the group mark the Salvation verses in their Bible OR you can have them load the Salvation verses up on their phone (possibly as a Memo) for easy recall.

  4. Walk through the Salvation verses, explaining the Plan of Salvation (*Option: you can role-play – have someone be the unbeliever and the other person shares the plan of salvation with them using the Salvation verses).

  5. Talk through different ways to witness (How have the people in your group talked to others about Jesus? How did someone talk to them about Jesus?)

  6. Talk through the section on page 30, “One Step Further” and see if your group will commit to that.

  7. Close with a time of prayer for those whom your group is asking to come to the outreach onMarch 1.