The Best Story Ever #41

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eGroup Questions

Discussion Questions – “The Best Story Ever” – April 4, 2017

  1. This past week in your TEN, what did God speak to you about?
  2. As you look over Obadiah and Jonah which truth(s) stand out to you and why?
  3. How do think God wants you to believe and live differently because of what He spoke to you about tonight?


  • Talk about what/how you are doing with your efforts in the RAISE campaign.

The 19 truths from tonight:

1-Pride causes self-deception

2-No one is out of God’s reach

3-Failure to act is guilt by association

4-God will bring justice

5- Sin boomerangs

6-God communicates

7-You never sin alone

8-God gives us freedom to disobey

9-God pursues us even in our disobedience

10-Sometimes a storm is really a rescue

11-Your sin always affects others

12-Own your sin-confess

13-God doesn’t give up on us

14-Idols only deliver loss

15-God gives second chances

16-God’s message has the power to change lives

17-God’s desire is repentance not destruction

18-Am I willing to go and be used by God in any situation?

19-Our wrong desires make us blind to God’s grace