The Best Story Ever #38

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eGroup Questions

Discussion Questions – “The Best Story Ever” – March 7, 2017

  1. This past week in your TEN, what did God speak to you about?
  2. When you think about “prayer” what comes to your mind? What do you think God wants you to think about “prayer”? If Daniel was sitting in your group tonight, what do you think he would tell you about the topic of “prayer”?
  3. Read Daniel 6:1-9. Two characteristics of Daniel’s prayer  were the attitudes of humility and thankfulness. Which of these is more of a challenge for you and why?
  4. Wes mentioned three questions to ask yourself:
  • Does God know your situation?
  • Is it too hard for Him?
  • Does He have a good plan for your life?

      5. What is one thing you can do this week to take your current prayer life up a notch?