The Best Story Ever #29

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eGroup Questions

Discussion Questions – “The Best Story Ever” – Oct. 18, 2016

  1. This past week in your TEN, what did God speak to you about?
  2. Wes talked about what God created marriage for: an intimate relationship on mission (Gen. 2:18-25). How does understanding this impact who you look at and pursue in your dating world?
  3. Wes gave 5 C’s: Christ, Character, Companions, Competent, Chemistry. Which one stood out to you and why? Would you add anything else to this “list”?
  4. What is your biggest relationship struggle/challenge right now in your life?
  5. “In order to find the right person you need to be becoming the right person.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why? Which of the 5C’s would you say that you yourself need to work on the most? How will you do that this week?