The Best Story Ever #15

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eGroup Questions

Discussion Questions – “The Best Story Ever” – April 5, 2016

  1. How’s your TEN going? Share something God is teaching you.

  2. When you think about praying, “God, I’m willing for You to disturb my heart”, what possible fears come into your mind? On the other hand, what encouraging and exciting thoughts could and should come into your mind if you prayed that prayer?

  3. Do you know anyone like Nehemiah – someone who responded to God disturbing their heart? What happened?

  4. Read Nehemiah 4:14. What do you think God wants you to take from this verse?

  5. How does truly believing that “The Lord is good” affect your potential fears?

  6. Will you commit praying this prayer this week – “God, I’m willing for You to disturb my heart.”?