Learn to Burn #6

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eGroup Questions

Discussion Questions – “Learn To Burn” – July 19, 2016

  1. Tonight – as in every week of this series – each person in your group will share an entry from their journal (for example: a scripture verse or word the studied, what God spoke to them about through it, and how they applied it to their lives)

  2. How did the week go – was it easy or hard to stay committed to journaling and why? Do you find it is getting easier to set aside time and journal now that you have been doing it for some time? Will you do anything differently this coming week? What was something that surprised you about your time with Jesus in the Word this past week?


  3. Make sure to emphasize that every day this week they are reading and writing something in their journal from I Timothy 6.

  4. If you have time, what stood out to you tonight with the verse by verse study method?