More and more churches are realizing that the national statistics – anywhere from 80%-93% of students are walking away from church upon graduation from high school - are true in their own church. And it does more than just bother them – it has become a God-given burden to do something about it! If that is your heart, then we want to partner with you.

If your church doesn’t have a specific college or young adult ministry, we’d count it an honor to be a part of that process. You can host a “VOC Hot Spot” in your church.

The Purpose: to connect with college-age young adults to help them connect with God.

The How-to:
- You need a point person – someone who has the burden to reach out to this college-age young adult generation and will commit to heading up the Hot Spot. If you are an adult who cares enough to read this, then this can be you! Awesome!
- If you are not a part of your church leadership, go to them and share your heart and burden with them. Share with them the mission of VOC and the details about a Hot Spot. If you are going to do this at your church, it is critical that your church leadership is aware and supportive.
- Find a place in your church that is suitable for a small group gathering that has internet capabilities (some show VOC on a large TV while others run it through a projector onto a screen. * Our tech team is available to answer any questions and to help walk you through a process of hook-up and execution.)

The How-to:
- Contact current college-age young adults already in your church and share your vision of reaching their generation with them. Get their input and get them on-board. They will be the best ones to promote your gathering.
- Promote your gathering church-wide and through any means possible. (Facebook can be a great tool for this). * We have flyers and a video promo that are available to you. On your promotion always include Place, Day, Time and make sure that you put an end time on it so that no one feels like they are committing for the whole night (e.g.: Tuesdays at 7:45pm-9:45pm).

The night can follow a simple process:
- Share some food
- Watch VOC
- Discuss the message (message discussion questions will be sent to you via e-mail each week)
- Wrap up with some prayer

It really can be that simple. But your time together under God’s direction can be truly profound. And that’s what makes this so exciting! This generation is desperately in need of adults who will share the love of Jesus with them. If you cared enough to read this, then we think you can be one of them!

If you are interested, then take the next step and fill out “Hosting a Hot Spot” application. We would count it an honor to be in the battle with you for this generation!

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