As an adult who loves God, you have the opportunity to make a difference. Investing in the life of a college-age young adult is both simple and profound. It’s simple because you don’t need a lot. It’s profound because of what God can accomplish in your time together.

The How-to:
- Pray for God to direct you to one or more college students or young adults.
- Contact them and ask if they would like to come over to your house for some food and to be a part of a weekly online gathering of college students and young adults (tell them what VOC is all about). * We have promotional flyers available to you.
- Give them the day and time frame and make sure you put an end time on it so that no one feels like they are committing for the whole night (e.g.: Tuesdays at 7:45pm-9:45pm).

The night can follow a simple process:
- Share some food
- Watch VOC
- Discuss the message (message discussion questions will be sent to you via e-mail each week)
- Wrap up with some prayer

It really can be that simple. But your time together under God’s direction can be truly profound. And that’s what makes this so exciting! This generation is desperately in need of adults who will share the love of Jesus with them. If you cared enough to read this, then we think you can be one of them!

If you are interested, then take the next step and fill out “Hosting a Hot Spot” application. We would count it an honor to be in the battle with you for this generation!

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