What is Vintage?
Vintage is the college-age young adult (18-29) ministry of The Chapel. If you fall in that age bracket then Vintage is for you!

Where does Vintage meet?
Vintage meets at the Apex – specifically 2435 Hopkins Road Getzville, NY 14068.

When does Vintage happen?
Vintage is on Tuesday night and our program begins at 8p. But if you like coffee you can get a free cup at our cafe beginning at 7pm.

There’s a Guest Center where first time visitors can Sign In…should I?
Do you like free stuff??? Of course you do, who doesn’t love free stuff? Sign In and get a free gift. You get to dip your hand and grab an item from the "Suitcase of Swag." Also you will get an invite to our 10 min. party.

Wait ! What is the 10 min party?
We’re glad you asked. We think it’s a big deal that you would come and spend a Tuesday night with us so we throw a party that features food and more free stuff. We also inform you about the best way to get connected at Vintage.

How do I get connected at Vintage?
The best way to get connected at Vintage is through an eGroup. An eGroup is a smaller group of friends helping each other to really embrace Jesus through encouragement and accountability. eGroups meet on Tuesday nights here at the Apex after the program. Be sure to come to the 10 min. party to learn more and get plugged in.

Now we have a question for you….With all the awesomeness that Vintage is, why wouldn’t you come?